Pin ConductorPin Conductor
Specifications - Pin or Tube Conductor
          Pin:  Kovar
          Insulation:  90% Min. alumina ceramic
          Flange:  42% Nickel iron
          Magnetic Materials:  Yes
Voltage Rating   See table
          0.060 Kovar Conductor:  
          0.080 Kovar Conductor:  5 Amps
Temperature Range
     -65º C to 200º C

Pin Conductor

Manufacturer: CeramTec

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Pin Conductor
InstallationConductor MateriaCorona Start* KV-RMS AveFlashover* KV-RMS AveDimensionsPart No.Price on request
SolderKovar25.671   .437   .312   0.2190208-01-H**
SolderKovar2.56.760   .615   .250   0.250211-01-H**