Single StudSingle Stud
Specifications - Fluted Insulators
          Insulation:  90% Min. alumina ceramic
          Flange:  42% Nickel iron
          Magnetic Materials:  Yes
          Stud:  Monel
Voltage Rating   See table
Temperature Range
          Brazeable Parts (-B):  -269º C to 450º C

Single Stud

Manufacturer: CeramTec

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Single Stud
InstallationConductor TypeCorona Start* KV-RMS AveFlashover* KV-RMS AveDimensions (inches)Part No.Price on request
BrazeNone8161.500   1.125   1.3750680-01-B
SolderNone8161.500   1.125   1.3750680-01-H
BrazeNone12242.375   1.375   1.6250770-01-B
SolderNone12242.375   1.375   1.6250770-01-H
BrazeNone14302.875   1.375   1.6250780-01-B
SolderNone14302.875   1.375   1.6250780-01-H
BrazeNone18363.375   1.375   1.6250690-03-B
SolderNone18363.375   1.375   1.6250690-03-H